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Brain Change Consulting and You?

The Perfect Storm!

~ Marcus helps people through Career Change and Personal Development ~

~We identify the Fears and take steps to blast through them! ~

~ Vision ~ Confidence ~ Strategy ~ Balance ~

~ These elements come together to create Success and Abundance ~


Are You at a CrossRoads?

Not Happy with Things?

Do You Want To?


  • Live the life you choose.
  • Create and Follow Your dream.
  • Get into the driver’s seat of your life
  • Overcome resistance from family
  • Overcome resistance from friends
  • Understand the forces of Abundance
  • Learn how to get passed false fears
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Just one element used in the Brain Change Consulting toolbox for Personal Development!

You Can Change Your Brain

So much has been discovered about the neuroplasticity of the brain, but what does that mean? IT MEANS, you can change your brain; you can rebuild it. We don't fix faulty circuits, we by-pass them by building new neural pathways. These by-passes are pathways or highways of synapsis, depending on our willingness and desire to change our life! In personal growth and development, understanding our brain is crucial!

Where to Start?

Why Breathe?

One of our many Tools!

Yes, Breathing is automatic. We don't have to think about if. But the benefits of deep conscious breathing are far greater than you would think. For a beneficial amount of oxygen to get to our trillion cells, we need to increase our intake! Awareness and Breathing Techniques are the way to achieve it. Oxygen heals everything! Oxygen improves brain performance, body repair, and affects our mood. Crucial for building mindset and personal development.

Where to Start?

Pain in the Body Brain

What is Your Body telling You? What we experience as pain, is the body's sensory system getting a message. It is a warning that something is wrong or a call for attention. Focusing on the symptom just gives it energy: that is not the desired outcome. Looking for the root cause of that pain leads us a series of steps; starting with what we call the Seed Event! First we have the symptom, then we find the seed event; we find, acknowledge and resolve it. Then we make a plan, build a Mindset, implement a strategy and successfully heal the pain.

Where to Start?

Nutrition Matters for Brain Health


Proper food feeds the BRAIN! Our body has the ability to turn almost anything into cells and energy; it is a true miracle machine. Supplying our body with food that is easier to break down and absorb as real nutrition is very important. Living foods, key minerals and trace elements are crucial. Personal growth is going to need personal change. Why not start with a smoothie!

Where to Start?

What You Think, You Become!

Spoken by Jesus-Christ and the Buddha

What are the odds?

Where to Begin?

It All Starts with Quieting the Mind

- Our Relaxation App and Deep Intentional Breathing is a good First Step
- Learn about Our Power to Create Reality
-Book a FREE 20 minute Consultation with Marcus 

Some of Our Tools for Helping You Get There

Relaxation One the App!

Relaxation one is a Relaxation App that uses Breathing Techniques, Meditation Timers, Soundtracks and Ideas to inspire and reconnect to Your Self!  Quiet the Mind, Hear your Inner Voice, make better decisions!

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Breathing 101

Our Course on Breathing is a great place to start for calming the mind, improving our decision making abilities and boosting brain performance. It's not just the Oxygen, it is the Life Force Energy and many more Elements that feed our body System!

What is The Course

TEDx Talk by Marcus

This Tedx Talk by Marcus Dupuis was extremely well received and gives an idea of the direction a Consultation with Marcus can take. We are creators of our reality. We attract what we project. We have heard it often enough, so how do we do it?

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The Art of Listening to Life

Life is constantly sending us messages to help guide us through life. We have the choice of listening or ignoring the signs, signals, events, strange occurrences, coincidences and synchronicities. Let's listen!

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