What Happens in a Consultation?

Consultations are also known as Discovery Sessions. There are so many ways to get to our destination, whether that be a career change, proactive personal development, achieving balance in our daily life or finding the root cause of a life challenge.  Any challenge we face is something that will pass, but we can help it along with attention and intention.

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Some Testimonials
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Cathy Stewart

My private consulting session with Marcus was spot on! I shared very little about my history and body ailments yet the intuitive feedback and guidance made perfect sense. I now see the direct correlation of my body talk in relationship to my life style, mind set and patterns I am living. I now have clarity, tools and a direction to take to obtain healing. Marcus is very gifted!

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Bohden Doval

The private consultation I had with Marcus was very informative and eye opening to say the least. It was very accurate and helped clarify things for me. I highly recommend getting a consultation!




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Marcelle Visser

Marcus has this beautiful gift of helping you connect the missing links and listening to the life messaging system that is constantly coming in from our higher self. I learned to listen to life all day long! A life changing technique! The moment I learned to master this life changing skill of tapping into the flow, life started happening for me and with me. I am in love life itself, i feel and I am.

It All Starts with a Conversation!

Talking to a Consultant is much different than talking with Friends and Acquaintances. The freedom to talk someone who does not judge you and listens to your ideas and concerns with an open mind with Years of Experience makes a world of difference!

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