"The Art of Listening to Life"



A Paradigm Shifting book!

Learn how to become a Conscious Creator of your Reality!     There is a connection between what is going on in your body and what is going on in your life!   Find out more!

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"The Art of Listening to Life"


Written By: Joseph Soler

Narrated By: Marcus Dupuis

The Art of Listening to Life, Joseph's third book and Best Seller, is an in-depth look at understanding the creative process that is behind the adverse situations and circumstances that enter our lives. There are powerful clues there in every event.

When we ignore our own inner wisdom, life sends us messages. If the initial messages are missed or ignored, then they can become intense callings that manifest themselves in a more powerful way, through injury and disease. The messages in these occurrences is a gift. It is a process of awakening, which can free us and heal us from pain and suffering. We are the creative artists of our life and of our physical body. Nobody would consciously create pain or disease in their life, yet understanding that we are the creators of the scenario that we call life, is crucial. When we are aligned with our path and purpose, we experience a smoother ride.

©2020- Joseph Soler (P)2020 Marcus Dupuis

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These consultations all utilize the wisdom from the book, "The Art of Listening to Life" 

Marcelle Visser

Marcus has this beautiful gift of helping you connect the missing links and listening to the life messaging system that is constantly coming in from our higher self. I learned to listen to life all day long! The moment I learned to master this life changing skill of tapping into the flow, life started happening for me and with me. 

Bohden Doval

The private consultation I had with Marcus was very informative and eye opening to say the least. It was very accurate and helped clarify things for me. I highly recommend getting a consultation!

The art of listening to life is valuable!

Cathy Stewart

My private consulting session with Marcus was spot on! I shared very little about my history and body ailments yet the intuitive feedback and guidance made perfect sense. I now see the direct correlation of my body talk in relationship to my life style, mindset and patterns I am living. I now have clarity, tools and a direction to take to obtain healing. Marcus is very gifted!

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