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Unconscious Living – Still Works

Creating the life that you want doesn't always look the way You would expect.

Much of what we create comes from a subconscious place. When we find ourselves asking a question like, 'why did that happen?' or 'where did that come from?'; it is because we don't always see what emerges from our own deep well. It comes from within, so you would think we would see it clearly! Right?

A lot of our life is created subconsciously, it does not come from what we perceive as our conscious self or persona. It is not the intentional part of our thinking that leads the show. The ocean of consciousness is vast, and we experience temporarily form in it. The tip of this iceberg might be too big

 Tapping into the deeper vessel that we are takes time and attention. If we are not attentive, and we...

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Who You Are vs. What You Do vs. What You Are?

“Who You Are?”  Is often answered by, I’m a “Professional So and So.”

There is a blurry line between what we do and who we are. In my decades of study and consultation, I have come to see this as a major issue of identity, which leads to several layers of issues or challenges, including confidence and mental clarity in day to day living.

What are the elements that come together to make you, You? Are you really a school teacher, a dentist, physio therapist, God forbid an financial advisor or political pundit (these days)… or are you the You; the Being that does that profession or career? Getting clear on this detail has helped many people move forward with big decisions and big life changes. Being comfortable in Who you are is crucial for being...

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