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Creating Dedicated Spaces

Creating Sacred Spaces


It is important to have a space to do the things we do in comfort; without the pressure of other people or distracting activities and noises that take us away from what we are wanting to do. It is even important to have spaces in which we do specific activities throughout the home.

Dedicating certain spaces to certain activity does a few things for us. The first is, when you walk past the space and see it, you can be inspired to enter the space and do what that dedicated space is meant for. It can be a reading room, an exercise room, a hobby room… No setting up required. Just enter and do!

There are many homes with multiple rooms that are not being used, because everything happens in one place. The living room and kitchen...

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The Purpose of Deep Conscious Breathing

Deep Breathing does more than you would think! Clarity of mind and a healthy body are desired side effects... read on. 

In general, we are shallow breathers. We only use the top 10 to 15% of our lungs. An interesting circumstance, given that oxygen is such an important source of nutrition and a crucial healing element for the human body. Many care and nutritional products add oxygen to enhance their performance. The interesting idea here is that through inhaling more air, through deeper breathing, we increase the amount of oxygen available to our own body.

Any growth or healing process goes faster with higher levels of oxygen in the blood circulation system, and the easiest way to obtained this oxygen is through breathing in more air. We are surrounded!

Seems a simple concept, but...

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