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How i Became a Breathing Coach

When I was eight years old, my Mother dropped sugar from our diet, became a vegetarian, adopted healthy eating and became a Yoga teacher. I remember doing Yoga poses (Asanas) with my Mother in the living room and being introduced to a worldly view of health and living; this was around 1970.

In 1980 I made my first trip to India, where I sought out and stayed at Ashrams (quiet retreat centres) and lived with Monks and Teachers. My early 20’s were dedicated to seeking answers to central questions about life and how we live it. But like the song by U2 says, I still haven’t found what i’m looking for.

What I did find, were ways of giving life more meaning and ways of centring and calming the mind. While I cannot write out the meaning of life in this article, I can say that...

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Forest Breathing with Marcus

The benefits of deep intentional breathing is remarkable! Unknown to many, but a very powerful activity that can make you feel better, improve your health, and boost brain performance. So many deep breathing techniques have come to us from ancient traditions.

The most noteworthy are the techniques of Yoga, which have come to us from India.

There are breathing techniques with certain rhythms, motion and depth, which achieve specific goals. Some are meant to relax the mind, other techniques can boost energy, others change your mood or state of mind, while others were developed to release stored emotions. Some deep conscious breathing just makes us feel good. This article is about doing breathing exercises in a specific environment: The Forest. I call it “Forest Breathing”. ...

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