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Creating Dedicated Spaces

Creating Sacred Spaces


It is important to have a space to do the things we do in comfort; without the pressure of other people or distracting activities and noises that take us away from what we are wanting to do. It is even important to have spaces in which we do specific activities throughout the home.

Dedicating certain spaces to certain activity does a few things for us. The first is, when you walk past the space and see it, you can be inspired to enter the space and do what that dedicated space is meant for. It can be a reading room, an exercise room, a hobby room… No setting up required. Just enter and do!

There are many homes with multiple rooms that are not being used, because everything happens in one place. The living room and kitchen...

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Rewiring Your Brain

We have so many broad statements that suggest what we should do. Expressions like, ‘Follow your dreams’, ‘the law of attraction’, ‘You are the creator of your reality…’ and so on.

Re-wiring the brain is one of those statements. I was thinking of a metaphor that could describe this idea and a memory came to mind. My good friend Eugene Goulet, rewired the circuits of a Boeing jet, about the size of a 727. Eugene was an electronics genius and I will always remember the impact of watching him work on the circuitry issues of this flying machine. The complexity of the walls of circuits looked impossible to figure out, but to Eugene, it was a process of tracking and re-wiring.

Our brain circuitry looks a lot like the walls of intricate wiring in the...

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